Pupil Sponsorship Scheme

Many of the children attending Margaret Junior School in Uganda are orphans. They may have lost one or both parents through illness, in most cases as a result of HIV/AIDs. Of these, some may be being brought up by members of the extended family or by grandparents. Some families will be headed by the oldest child – who themselves may be students at the school. For these children and their guardians it is a struggle to find the funding to attend school, to meet the costs of books and uniforms.

The cost of educating a child at the school is £120 per year, which is less than 33p per day! In Uganda, primary education extends over 7 years so the full cost of seeing a child through to secondary level amounts to £840.

We also recognize the need to help those leaving primary school to access secondary education if their grades are sufficient and in 2011 extended the sponsorship scheme to help ex-students of Margaret Junior School. Secondary education is more expensive as pupils have to board and the cost is £500 per year (£400 plus Gift Aid).

Please use the online sponsorship form by clicking here - please note you will need to create a user account for the site to be able to make payment - this can be done by clicking on the link after you select subscription plan

Alternatively you can download the Sponsorship form from the site by going to the download section here and posting to us

If you feel that you could sponsor a child for one or more years please fill in the form or talk to one of the following Trustees for further information.
Margaret West 01743 369371, Roger Ford 01743 246352 or Hilary Procter 01952 770502.