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Newsletter  Summer 2021

Covid News from Uganda

Since the last Newsletter in 2020 the incidence of Covid-19 in Uganda has increased dramatically. It is difficult to get an accurate picture as the official figures would seem to under-record the number of cases. Letters and emails from friends in Kampala and in various parts of the country would indicate a worsening situation, with the modest medical facilities being overwhelmed. Reports of deaths are frequent. Families are now no longer allowed to bury their relatives in Covid cases and responsibility has passed to the police to do so.

In June the President ordered a country-wide lockdown for six weeks, prohibiting travel between Districts and closing all schools and many businesses. As a result Margaret Junior School is closed as are all the secondary schools. At present University students are continuing to work online but it is possible that permission will be sought for those at University to return and use the school facilities, rather than continue living in Kampala where the number of cases is higher.

It was agreed that all of the teachers at the school would continue to be paid during the lockdown although they have gone back to their villages. The staff have also had their first vaccine. Delays in the availability of the vaccine, which is in short supply, led the school to pay privately out of school funds. The cost is approximately £30 for each injection. This may not seem much but it equates to the monthly salary of a teacher. Obviously this expenditure has not been budgeted for and we are grateful for recent donations towards these costs.

On a brighter note, the recent Stretton Summer Solstice Stagger raised over £2300 and we are hugely grateful to everyone who supported this fund-raiser. This money will provide the opportunity for some of our primary students to go on to secondary or vocational education.


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